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August 14, 2011


Same multimedia project as the previous post. This shows our main character over a flickering of lines. The main character’s boy has a bad dream whilst she has a nightmare for her own “The house has been taken by monsters”.


August 2, 2011


Multimedia intervention in a theater play. The monologue is “A solas con Marilyn” (Alone with Marilyn) from Spanish writer Fernando Zurro. It’s divided in 33 moments and this pic is from the last moments, when our main character decides to commit the worst crime of all.

All interventions are made with After Effects, Photoshop and Maya.










July 4, 2011




Still form a shot of a multimedia intervention for theater play. While a dancer is performing against the main character, a shadow appears behind him. Death dances with the woman that’s going to murder her kid. The play is “Marilyn”, a monologue.