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March 2, 2012

Human character progress

This is how my character model is going so far. I’m making this for my Character Design course at UW. It was supposed to be a private detective, now it’s more of an homage to the M. Hulot character in The Illusionist.  It was modeled in 3ds Max, and now it’s ready for texturing and detailing in Zbrush.  One day I’m going to rig this character in Maya, and have some fun with it!


July 20, 2011

Character upgrade

After a few work hours an upgrade on the Hulot based character.  Needs a lot of work at the head, some proportion adjustments, and need to search more hat references.  On the next upgrade the model will be fully finished, ready for UV mapping and PS and Zbrush texturing.

July 11, 2011

Character proxy

Character based upon Monsieur Hulot.  Proxy worked a couple of hours, ready for details and construction of all parts.