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July 23, 2012

Day-to-day work

This month I’ve been very busy at work. We’ve just release the 0.16 version of the video game, and finally, I can see most of my work there.  Everything turns around animation cycles, Unity friendly exported files, and Maya. I’ve learned more than a trick or two of how to animate in Maya (Thanks to Digital Tutors and an awesome book I bought Mastering Maya)

Here’s a little something that’s published on YouTube, property of Squad. I was involved in the animation, rendering and compositing of the teaser. The models were all used from the game.


March 9, 2012

Morph targets

Working of some morph targets for an animation assignment. Hopefully I’ll post the animated result later this afternoon or in the weekend.  It’s the same guy I’m modeling in Max, and that I’m currently texturing in Zbrush.

March 7, 2012


February 25, 2012

Running Voodoo!

After several hours of rigging this Voodoo guy is ready for animation!

May 16, 2011

Stars hanging under the sea

Abstract animation.

May 14, 2011

Last scene

Update on my last scene, for the abstract-experimental-computer animated shortfilm. After the bird transforms into geometric forms, we see in between a series of cuts the geometric world it lives in.  Short being produced with Maya, Vray and AfterEffects.