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July 23, 2012

Day-to-day work

This month I’ve been very busy at work. We’ve just release the 0.16 version of the video game, and finally, I can see most of my work there.  Everything turns around animation cycles, Unity friendly exported files, and Maya. I’ve learned more than a trick or two of how to animate in Maya (Thanks to Digital Tutors and an awesome book I bought Mastering Maya)

Here’s a little something that’s published on YouTube, property of Squad. I was involved in the animation, rendering and compositing of the teaser. The models were all used from the game.


June 23, 2012

I’ve got hands!

I’ve been a little detached from my blog in the last months (work is taking over my personal art) but I want to keep posting my stuff.  There’re a few projects I want to keep on working (a mobile video game that I left on stand by, two animated contests, illustrations…), so I hope you can take the time and see my work and read about it!

This is a gif I created for KSP. It’s over at the official forums, so I guess there’s no problem posting it here. The model was created by a great programmer whose nickname is Harvester, and fully rigged, animated and quick rendered by me.

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March 21, 2012

Guy update

Just an update post about the character I’ve been modeling for the past months. I feel closer to achieving a good interaction between Zbrush and Max, but I don’t think it’s there.  The normal maps are creating a bit of noise (this render doesn’t have them) as the GoZ script imported them to Max.  Maybe I’ve to work more on my shadow and highlights in Z.

March 19, 2012

Dark alley


Environment and texture animation assignment. Inspired by a photograph of Guanajuato I found googling. Rendered and animated in 3ds Max

March 17, 2012


Last week, one of the animations I created with a great team of people was awarded Best Animation at Kinoki. This short film was created with the help of performance capture.  The mocap was rendered with the help of Maya, and composition and digital animation was created with After Effects.  This talented group of people is called Muv, and since last year we’ve been producing, as a school project and as a independent film “Rewind“. There are some previous posts that talk about the rigs, animation tests and trailer.

Here’s W&C

March 11, 2012

Facial expressions

March 2, 2012

Human character progress

This is how my character model is going so far. I’m making this for my Character Design course at UW. It was supposed to be a private detective, now it’s more of an homage to the M. Hulot character in The Illusionist.  It was modeled in 3ds Max, and now it’s ready for texturing and detailing in Zbrush.  One day I’m going to rig this character in Maya, and have some fun with it!


February 28, 2012

Eat you

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February 25, 2012

Running Voodoo!

After several hours of rigging this Voodoo guy is ready for animation!

February 24, 2012

Game development

After experimenting for a while on the look and feel for our game, we managed to get a title name.  This is inspiring for the buildings design, as the name itself gives away an aesthetic and a way things generate inside our world.  A square world. Maybe the globe its a big cube, and citizens are little paper toys (idea of @angie) that walk from little cube-like buildings to the next ones. And cars are more little cubes that go from one point to the other.