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November 30, 2011

Mad bunny animation

The final render of the mad bunny project.  This was for the Animation and VFX class.  Made with DMM, fluids, and character animation.  Maya 2012


November 29, 2011

Shake it

Animation by @zujuy

November 29, 2011

The return of the mad bunny

Again I’m working with the Mad Bunny model. This time I’m creating a composition with fluids, dmm and little character animation for my VFX class. This character has a video game rig created in Maya.


November 29, 2011

Walking cameras

Composition update of the short film “Rewind” in production at Muv Experimento. This is a scene where some Polaroid-like camera-ducks walk down the road and spit a photograph.  I created the animation and the rig of those characters in Maya 2012.

November 10, 2011


After many months creating the character rigs, finally I’m animating.  Here’s an update of a pose for a running walking cycle for our main character.


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November 7, 2011

Polaroid Rig

Just finished rigging a duck like camera for an ongoing short film production.  This character needs to throw out a picture every time he sees one of the main characters.  It also has to cross the road.

Made with Maya 2012